Top Gear Gets A “Friendly” New Host Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc

The rumors of the post-demise of Top Gear after the trio of Jeremy, John and Richard made their way out acrimoniously last year may have been greatly exaggerated. With former Friends star Matt LeBlanc joining the fray, this could spell good things for the show. Matt Blanc will be joining Chris Evans, as we await the next host for the show.

Well, Matt LeBlanc seems to have been included in the show as a like for like replacement for Richard Hammond. The similarities between the two are quite obvious as both are comedians. With the hours of laughter LeBlanc gave us with Friends let’s see what his going to churn out in this show.

Here is his video interview with Jeremy Clarkson after he did his top lap time in Top Gear:

The incident that left fans of the motor show in disarray was when Jeremy decided to use his fists against Oisin Tymon. Jeremy is quite a controversial figure who has even racism to his plate of past incidents. Last year on March 10 the incident happened at the Simonstone Hall Hotel. Jeremy is said to have been less than impressed with the cold dish he had been served. Also, there had been a heated battle between the two throughout the shoot which culminated in a punch. Two weeks later, Jeremy went ahead and gave a stinging rant towards the BBC at a charity event. He duly got fired and moved with his whole crew.

Our BBC’s most famous ex-employees are working up something with Amazon Prime. It will be interesting to see if the trio of Amazon or the BBC will do a better job this year 2016.

As for Matt LeBlanc, he is expected to start immediately. Most fans of Top Gear have been happy with the BBC’s latest appointee, as Matt has been hailed as “a true car guy.” He has the second fastest lap time for a “star in a reasonably priced car.”

Rumors are rife that the third and last host of the show will be a female presenter. Click Here to listen to the BBC interview with Chris Evans where Matt LeBlanc talks joining Top Gear. Also, below is a video recently posted by Top Gear on their You Tube channel featuring LeBlanc:

Watch The Best Car Animation Ever


When it comes to cars in animations, cars have generally taken a backseat where they have played paltry supporting roles. The best that a car has come close to be animated is Thomas and Friends, and that doesn’t count as Thomas is a train. Now, that doesn’t sound great for kids that love the sounds of motors. Some will dispute that cars are an exclusive adult indulgence, however when you look at the popularity of car toys like Hot Wheels it was only a matter of time till cars got animated.

Cars the movie gave young viewers a look at why vehicles give adults so much joy in a fun and uniquely creative way. In 2006, cars got animated and it was about time, after all we have animated animals, toys and computers.

The story centers around Lightning McQueen, who is egotistical and has eyes in winning a mega race that will have him get better sponsorship. However, as he is being transported to LA where the race is to take place Lightning McQueen forces his big rig to travel all night long to his detriment, as his trailer is exhausted. Shortly, the big rig is startled by a couple of reckless street cars, where Lightning McQueen slips out at the back. Later, McQueen finds himself at Radiator Springs where he damages the run down town’s tarmac.

He is arrested by the friendly tow Mater who takes him to court, where judgment is delivered that he has to repair the road he has messed as part of his community service. With time running out for McQueen to race in LA, he meets new friends and realizes that there is much more to life then ambition.

This is a great movie to watch for the whole family, watch its trailer below:

Watch a Walk around of the Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom

When you look at the price tag on this thing you really need to ask yourself if this is an apartment or car. However, as the trend goes, luxury will always justify itself in exclusivity. Non-apologetic, nonchalant and dare I say it almost haughty to most people’s pockets. An out of reach luxury item, that stays within the reach of our eyes. Whatever your mood on posh items they do have their merits and one of them sadly is they aren’t for everybody. This is because they are able to make a bold statement. When it comes to statements you can’t get bolder than the Rolls Royce Phantom.

If you have sat at the back of one of this then one of your dozen minions addresses you by “El Jefe,” or “Mr. President” or subtly “Sir.” Well, if titles aren’t your thing and you like to be low key this isn’t your car. This car is like the ring announcer that announces himself before announcing the fighters.

Driven by royalty this royal chariot has had more than 90 years to perfect the art of pure luxury. The likes of John Lennon have had the privilege to be driven in this. Currently, this car is an expensive indulgence for rappers to elder statesmen.

The current Phantom using its 6 L V6 engine churns out 453 hp, enabling you to go 0-60 in under 6 seconds. Now thats fast, also you have delightful leather upholstery and well-polished wood finishes. As for the exterior the grille and Rolls Royce marque mean heads will be turning. Also, Rolls Royce has started to embrace individuality when almost limitless customization options giving you the right tint and shine.

All this affluent talk shouldn’t scare you if you can’t get a test drive like me let this video take you there.

Watch The Rant That Got Jeremy Clarkson Fired From The BBC

Jeremy Clakson

Fans of Top Gear were disappointed as the epic series came to a premature end. Well, Jeremy Clarkson’s rage was the catalyst for how things ended up.

What Happened Before

According to reports Jeremy who is known for his anger management issues, threw a punch at Oisin Tymon. This was a culmination of disagreements they had had while shooting. The incident happened at the Simonstone Hall Hotel in March 10, 2015. Initial assessments say that Clarkson was less than impressed by the cold dish he was served after a tough day of filming.

The Rant

Two weeks later, Jeremy didn’t hold back as he served a cold dish himself aimed at the BBC executives. The venue for his rant was a surprise as he decided to deliver his F-Bombs at a charity event. He was there to auction his last lap at the Top Gear track. Jeremy was able to auction his last lap for over £ 100,000 which was the highest in the charity event. The Roundhouse event was hosted by DJ Edith Bowman.

Jeremy’s Reaction

Speaking later about his rant Jeremy in his Sun column said that he meant no offence by his tirade. He went further to state that he meant everything he said in jest. He had no true ill feeling towards the BBC. However, as he predicted in his rant he did get fired.

Amazon Prime

Later, after being fired Jeremy managed to persuade his friends John May and Richard Hammond to make the jump with him to Amazon Prime. Thus, the three musketeers or three stooges depending on your perspective of them, will be making their debut this year on a new show. As for Top Gear they have a new crew that they have recruited, however rumors are rife filming of the post-Jeremy era has been hit with challenges.

Watch below as Jeremy is on his worst behavior:

Watch How The Think Small Campaign Made The Volkswagen Beetle A Bestseller

Think Small

Ask any marketing student about the Think Small campaign of the 60s and if you don’t get an answer their parents should ask for a refund. It simply doesn’t bare well for you not to know the best marketing campaign of the past century.

The History

They say the best of us simplify matters. Two words that was all it took to make this masterpiece. The Think Small campaign was made by Julian Koenig who was working for the Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) agency in 1959.

The Best 20th Century Marketing Campaign

Ranked by Ad Age as the best advertising campaign of the 20th Century, there is no doubt what Volkswagen gained from it. Brand lifetime loyalty and boosting sales that even made the Volkswagen the bestselling car at one point down the line. This ad changed the way advertisements are minted out.

The Market

America had become a world and consumer super power, 15 years later after the Second World War. Now the odds for the Volkswagen were stacked against it as it was a car from Nazi Germany and most preferred American muscle cars. However, even though the odds were stacked against it, the funny small looking car made its stamp. Before this automobile advertisements had been centered on giving consumers as much info as possible. However, VW changed all that as it played on people’s fancies.

The 60s

The 60s seem to have been a great time in modern history. Politically, JFK was president, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., the Cold War. Musically, the Beatles, Elvis and Motown Records were still churning hits. Sports wise George Best and Pele were getting goals. As for new frontiers man landed on the moon. This was an extraordinary time to be alive in and just the perfect time for the Beetle to change marketing forever.

Watch below as the Volkswagen Beetle make marketing magic happen:

Watch As Obama Takes a Ride At The White House

Jerry Obama Corvette

Well, it’s great to have a president that has a great sense of humour. A little human touch to the most powerful seat in the world can’t be condemned. Well, no matter how you voted the last time around you won’t have any qualms with this video. Obama takes a ride around the White House and has him showing off his humorous side.

Jerry Seinfield’s exploits in comedy have been quite illustrious, his latest project is the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. On this particular episode he was able to break from the norm of getting comedians as he managed to land POTUS for the show. Obama didn’t disappoint as he took a ride the White House on a ’63 Corvette Stingray.

Unlike, other previous episodes the president isn’t given the opportunity to drive around as much due to obvious security reasons. Thus, he ends up just driving across the White House driveway. Also, they don’t end up in any kind of coffee shop as they have coffee in the white house basement.

If you are a political buff looking for a serious discussion on terrorism or Obamacare, you won’t find POTUS spewing overtly promoting his policies. The subjects discussed are of a humourous nature, with the occasional political rhetoric.

Also, apart from the Corvette Jerry gets a rare privilege as he is welcomed into the “Beast.” Inside the president’s limo he gets to sit down and continues the discussion. Thus, Jerry shows Obama his ride and Obama returns the favour by showing him his.

With as being in the final year of Obama’s presidency, we are all going to have a couple of memories of what his presidency meant to the American people and the world at large. However, most importantly for us car buffs we will remember that 63’ Stingray Corvette.

Watch the show here.

Watch The Bugatti Chiron 2016 Teaser

bugatti chiron

2016 is seemingly going to shape up to be a vintage year for auto enthusiasts. This year we can expect record breaking speeds from both the Bugatti Chiron and the worthy challenger the Hennessey Venom F5. The last time around Bugatti made it through a technicality, where the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport managed to stay as the fastest production car. However, the Hennessey Venom GT did surpass the Super Sport’s 268 mph producing 270.4 mph, but a production number below 30 had it disqualified for Guinness Book of Records Award.

The Bugatti Vision GT

The Bugatti Chiron is based on a toned down Bugatti Vision Grand Turismo. The Vision GT is actually a visual concept that was made for the Grand Turismo videogame franchise. Thus, they have taken a visual concept and converted it to the real thing. A visual replica of the Vision GT was released in last year’s 2015, Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Specs

The Chiron is expected to pack a mean punch with 1500 hp. The car is estimated to be limited to 463 km/h while going as fast as 500 km/h without the limiter. The car is expected to go 0-100 kmh in 2.3 seconds, 0-300 km/h in 15 seconds. These figures are yet to be confirmed but they are in the regions in which the guys at Volkswagen Group hope to achieve.

Release Date & Price

The mid-engined sports car is expected to be unveiled in this year’s Geneva Motor Show. There will be 500 units made with preorders of 130 already received. They hope to build at least 100 Chirons a year. You’ll have to wait till 2017 to purchase a Chiron for $ 2.3-2.6 million.

Take a look below at the car that is set to replace the Bugatti Veyron as the world’s fastest production car:

Watch The Godfather of Flying Cars Paul Moller Give His Ted Talk

Paul Moller

Pursuing one thing for over four decades relentlessly without ceasing, with enthusiasm in some way is a mark of a genious. This means you go from one failure to the next without losing your verve for the vision you pursue. The jury’s still out there for Paul Moller, however we can all agree on his dogged determination to take cars to the skies. We have had cars get off the ground but not in quite the same visionary way Paul Moller would like. You can take a look at the Aston Martin Vanquish as it’s airlifted in the Dubai skyline here.

His Story

The Canadian born Paul Moller has spent a vast fortune of $ 100 million on getting our car’s off the ground. Spending over fourty decades chasing a dream is no mean feat, and in the process going bankrupt a couple of times isn’t an easy pill to swallow. However, Paul Moller has bared the brunt of his toil and we are still waiting on the fruits of his life’s work.

The Skycar

The Skycar seems to be the biggest modern day hope for flying cars. However, we are still waiting on Paul Moller to deliver the goods here, as he has kept us waiting for far too long. The video below was made in 2004, and he made it clear that the car is closing in on its release date. With the Skycar having preorders all the way back to the 90s, it has been a long and continuing wait.

His Inspiration

Paul Moller talks of his difficulty going to school through the winter as a kid in a rural part of Canada. He then found some humming birds trapped in one of his family home’s shed. He found that they had worn themselves out trying to go through the window. He then caught them easily and released them outside his shed where they flew away with relative ease. Upon, their departure he said to himself that this would be a nice way to get to school.

Watch below as Paul Moller gives an inspirational Ted Talk about flying cars: