Watch The Cadillac Ad At The 88th Oscars

Cadillac Oscars

So much happened in the recent Oscars, but behind it all the event just doesn’t only give awards to the best of Hollywood, it also helps individuals and companies push their brands. Cadillac managed to secure the official auto sponsorship of the glitzy event last year and this year.

Cadillac this year continued with its, “Dare Greatly” marketing campaign from last year. This year’s theme is “Don’t You Dare.” Last year they used seasoned achievers like Steve Wozniak, Richard Linklater and Jason Wu. However, this year Cadillac changed tact and adopted a young cast of great achievers. Laura Deming, Easton LaChapelle and Flynn McGarry are all teenagers who have taken the world by storm. This kids have achieved so much in such a short time. They have been working individually and excelling in their different fields. We have a kid who is working on increasing our life spans while we have another who has made brain powered prosthetic limbs.

Being the luxury brand of General Motors, Cadillac has been finding it hard to compete with Japanese and German automakers who seem to have the industry to themselves. Cadillac has generally lost traction in the market as their models seem to have aged in the face of stiffer competition. However, this could be in part not its fault entirely as the industry has been moving at a very fast pace technology wise. We are moving into an age of the internet of things where all your devices are interconnected via the web. Thus, the current marketing campaign is meant to revamp and evolve its brand. Representing this “renaissance” of sorts are XT6 and CT5, which are at the core of this new advert.

As for the Oscars, congratulations to DiCaprio his part in the Remnants was great, however I feel that giving Idris Elba a complete snub with his performance of Beast of No Nation doesn’t resonant well with audiences. No wonder the likes of Will Smith and other black talents boycotted the show. Personally, I still feel the movie of the year had to be Mad Max Fury Road. No matter what the panelist had in mind, there was no movie that entertained me more last year. The Oscars should be warned another rival award show may stem from disgruntled actors and actresses.

Take a look at the non-orthodox and wittingly inspired Cadillac Oscars ad:

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