Watch The Original Land Rover Defender Scale Up a Dam

Land Rover Defender

We all sadly know that last year was a last hurrah of sorts for the beloved Land Rover Defender, as it was the end of its current production cycle. Thus, to celebrate this Richard Hammond reenacted this famous advert from 1995.

The advert looks more like from the 70s than the 90s. It looks really dated and feels more like a documentary than an advert. Now if you never so the ad it’s not a problem, maybe you didn’t watch TV as much back then or you were to young to register anything. However, for guys like Richard this ad could bring some nostalgia of forgotten youth.

The ad starts with a red Defender that goes off the main road in a hilly country. It manages to get on a river where it follows it and arrives at a dam. After arriving at the dam the driver of the 4×4 shoots a harpoon to the top of the dam and starts to scale the wall. The narrator kicks in and says, “Next time your late for work its worth remembering that nothing, that nothing, gets in the way of a Land Rover.” Upon reaching the top of the dam the Land Rover speeds away, as the narrator shouts out the company’s marketing campaign at that time, “The best 4 x 4 x Far.”

Now to sound old and cranky, I’ll talk of the good old days, when cars had to earn their butter. A car wouldn’t be a prop for a professional athlete, it would be the show. The Defender had to climb up a dam, while the Optima just had to sit still and look pretty, as somebody dunked over it. Today we have overweight cars like the Escalade that dare call themselves SUVs. No disrespect, the Escalade looks like a fat rapper who aggrandizes himself with pretention and bling. While the Defender feels more like a lean sturdy soldier on a mission.

The ad was performed with the help of invisible wires and other TV gimmickry, however it makes for good viewing. Watch the video here below:

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