Watch Blake Griffin Gets Airtime Over The Hood Of An Optima

Griffin Jumps Over Car

To be honest this year’s All Star Weekend Slam Dunk contest had to be the greatest in recent history. Credit goes to Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon for the brilliant show they put up this year. Sadly there wasn’t any cars involved this year, maybe will have to wait for Blake Griffin to try again. A dunk I’d really like to see next year would be someone jumping over a drifting car, or over a low rider, now that would be a sight.

However, let’s go back in time to 2011 where a car made it all the way to the NBA hard court. Coming up with the perfect assist the Kia Optima gave Blake Griffin the edge over Javale McGee. It was in LA at the Staples center where at the backdrop of a gospel choir singing “I believe I can fly,” Blake jumped over a Kia Optima with a two handed dunk. For a kid who grew up in Oklahoma this was a dream come true. As for Kia this was an unorthodox marketing strategy that will go down as one of the best in recent auto history. Obviously, it was Griffin’s night but Kia would feel well accomplished with the free ad space they got out of this.

If you are wondering what an Optima is, well it is a small family car that is made by the South Korean auto maker Kia. It uses a varying four cylinder engine that manages to churn out 178-254 hp. Simply put, this is a great car known for its reliability and efficiency.

Well, to be honest of late the slam dunk contest has been on a low ebb with even one of the commentators suggesting the three-point shootout should be scheduled in as the last event in the All Star Weekend. However, with what happened this year I’d think there is much we can expect from the contest.

Glance over below to watch Blake Griffin’s extraordinary dunk:

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