Get A Different View With Head Up Display

Head Up Display

Today’s world may have been that difficult to envision in years gone by. Everything today including your windshield has become a canvas where information can be displayed at any time. Imagine a world where you always have your eyes on the road, you never have to look at the center console to know where your going. Don’t only imagine that, but also imagine you don’t need to look at the dashboard to know how fast you’re going. It doesn’t even stop there, you can also have video calls while driving. Welcome to the new world of the Head Up Display technology, where the possibilities are endless.

We have the military to thank for Head Up Display, which by the way is also known as HUD. Thus, the military have given us the internet and also HUD. Back in the 1940s the Royal Air Force was facing some challenges with its night air pilots getting their targets right, as they kept glancing down. From then on a more permanent solution was sought after where pilots would always have their heads up, and this eventually lead to as having HUD.

HUD was too good a technology to be exclusive only to planes and the automobile industry which is ever on the prowl for new innovations adopted it. Today the technology is being adopted in an even greater rate by production cars. Basically, HUD is used to display the speedometer, tachometer and navigation. The technology has also made its way to motorcycles, where there are HUD helmets. However, I still think we are at the infancy of HUD, and I think it’s only a matter of time before Android Auto and Apple CarPlay get into the mix. The three German giants BMW, Mercedes and Audi must be musing over it, hopefully we will soon have HUD in the same breath as the Knight Rider series.

Watch how HUD works in a car below:

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