Best Top Gear Moments As We Know It

Top Gear

Top Gear has had a remarkable history and is now the world’s most watched factual TV program. The main reason for its popularity is the humor and the almost unpredictable nature of the stunts they employ on the show.

Top Gear’s history didn’t start this millennia as some would think, it actually begun in 1977 where it was a mundane nondescript show. However, a marker in its history, when things really changed for the show was in 2002, where Jeremy Clarkson with the help of Richard Hammond and Jason Dawe relaunched the show. However, in the subsequent season James May replaced Jason Dawe. It has been like that for 22 season now and they have given us some of the best automotive stunts and laughs ever.

Sadly, Jeremy got in a clash with one of the producers last year and his contract with the BBC wasn’t renewed. This had John May, Richard Hammond and executive producer Andy Wilman making a stance that they wouldn’t go back to work at the BBC without Jeremy. Thus, the quartet did not renew their contract and are now signed by Amazon Prime. However, the Stig remained even though he lead a protest that had a tank drive by the BBC headquarters with a petition. Jeremy and co have lauded the freedom and budget they have received from their new employers.

As for what’s been going on at the BBC they have hired Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans to host the show. However, befor Matt’s appointment there were rumours that Chris was having a horrendous time shooting. Rumors aside, Matt’s addition has been lauded by most, especially with his comical background where he stared in the sitcom “Friends.” The 23rd season of Top Gear will be aired this May 2016, it will be interesting to see how it squares of with the Amazon Prime show. I have great respect for Matt but to be honest I am rooting for Jeremy and co.

Now let’s relive some of the greatest moments of Top Gear when it was totally British:

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