Watch As Richard Takes The Defender Up A Dam

richard hammond dam climb

For your motoring contentment there is no show quite like Top Gear. When it comes to car shows it is at the top, no doubt about it. However, with Jeremy and co, going over to Amazon Prime it will be interesting to see how the current setup of Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans will fare. As for the last season of Top Gear with our favorite triumvirate, there is one moment that stood out for me, and this was Richard Hammond paying tribute to the Defender.

If you are still in the dark, the Defender is currently out of production, its run ended this January 2016. We are currently waiting for its new design in somewhere in 2018 or 2019. There are rumors circulating that it is going to feature a totally revised look, which my rub some 4×4 purists the wrong way.

Back to Hammond, he went vertically up on top of the Claerwen Dam in Wales, while seated in a 64 year old Land Rover Series I. This was to recreate a famous ad by Land Rover that ran in 1995 where the Defender went up a dam. However, there was a lot of TV gimmickry on that one. Thus, this time Hammond wanted to do something real, as a true tribute.

The Defender would use a powerful winch which was hooked to its very own engine. It was a tense and nervy climb for Hamster, who had spurts of panicky cursing all the way to the top. To be fair this dam was a lot steeper and bumpier than the one used on the ad. Just to express its steepness there was a moment where the front wheels of Hammond’s Defender became suspended in the air.

There had been complaints of the show starting to stagnate of late, however this was a very good stunt. Probably, my best stunt from Top Gear in recent history.

Shooting of the stunt was back in September 2014, while the episode was aired out in February 2015 if you missed it, catch it here below:

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