Watch The Apple CarPlay In Action

Apple CarPlay

We have already covered Android Auto here, now we want to take a look at the competition, Apple CarPlay. As always Apple never to be out done by its longtime rival Android developed the Apple CarPlay.

Similar to Android Auto, Apple CarPlay is displayed as an icon on your infotainment system’s screen. Access with your phone is achieved via the means of a Lightning II cable, however wireless will be available in the future. To get this app it you either by a new car that comes with the software straight from the factory or you can buy for far less a head unit from either Pioneer, Kenwood and Alpine.

Once plugged in you’ll discover that the Apple CarPlay has a minimalist approach. Actually, to be fair this approach is really for your own good, the less distractions the better, as you can keep your eyes on the road. For the core of this app you’ll get Apple apps for messaging, phone, navigation, music and a couple of third party apps like Spotify and CBS News. Answering your calls and texts will be a cinch, however you won’t be able to do the same for emails and other social messaging options. Most of everything you do on the Apple CarPlay will be done with voice commands. Thus, if you have an accent or a raspy voice this could be really quite arduous for you.

When going head to head, Apple wins when it’s Siri vs. Google Now, but loses when it’s Apple Maps vs. Google Maps. The real advantage with the CarPlay in this early days is that it is a lot faster than Android Auto. All in all car safety wins, as more eyes will be on the road then on touchscreens, meaning we have safer roads. Also, both apps are free of charge, try getting some of the advanced safety features for your car from a dealer and see the huge bill you’ll get.

Watch below as the CarPlay is in action:

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