Watch The Top 5 Car Tech Flops Of Recent History

Top 5

Well in recent history the German giants have been on the fore front of innovation and coming up with cars that can wake you when your drowsy and park themselves while you hop off to handle business. Cars and tech haven’t had that much of a great history together, however today technology seems to have found the right note with cars. A car company like Tesla, and with Google and Apple getting in the mix, technology now looks extremely lucrative to automakers.

Most of this technologies were way ahead of their time and they flopped because they didn’t work smoothly as expected. However, some of these car tech flops have transformed to better contemporary technologies. Here is a list of what you are about to watch:

  • Hidden Headlights – They had a good run but are now replaced with sleek looking LED headlights.
  • Digital Instrument Displays – Were disastrous to run and maintain. Today, they have given way to LCD screens.
  • Brake by Wire – Mercedes as always in the forefront of innovation. Unfortunately, when they introduced this technology the brakes seemed to lag. However, today they have experienced a renaissance of some sort as technology has evolved further in this digital age.
  • Cylinder Management – This is where an engine would turn off its cylinders so as to consume less fuel. It would then reactivate the cylinders as need be for more power. At their introduction technology was limited and the cars fitted with this had problems. Today all you have to do is take a look at the Bentley Flying Spur V8 which turns to a V4 when needed.
  • iDrive – That nob was quite irritating at its introduction. However, a couple of years later and BMW’s iDrive innovation is a norm throughout most cars. Also, today’s iDrive is far much better.

Take a look as CNET’s Brian Cooley goes through this list:

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