Watch The Best Car Animation Ever


When it comes to cars in animations, cars have generally taken a backseat where they have played paltry supporting roles. The best that a car has come close to be animated is Thomas and Friends, and that doesn’t count as Thomas is a train. Now, that doesn’t sound great for kids that love the sounds of motors. Some will dispute that cars are an exclusive adult indulgence, however when you look at the popularity of car toys like Hot Wheels it was only a matter of time till cars got animated.

Cars the movie gave young viewers a look at why vehicles give adults so much joy in a fun and uniquely creative way. In 2006, cars got animated and it was about time, after all we have animated animals, toys and computers.

The story centers around Lightning McQueen, who is egotistical and has eyes in winning a mega race that will have him get better sponsorship. However, as he is being transported to LA where the race is to take place Lightning McQueen forces his big rig to travel all night long to his detriment, as his trailer is exhausted. Shortly, the big rig is startled by a couple of reckless street cars, where Lightning McQueen slips out at the back. Later, McQueen finds himself at Radiator Springs where he damages the run down town’s tarmac.

He is arrested by the friendly tow Mater who takes him to court, where judgment is delivered that he has to repair the road he has messed as part of his community service. With time running out for McQueen to race in LA, he meets new friends and realizes that there is much more to life then ambition.

This is a great movie to watch for the whole family, watch its trailer below:

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