Watch How The Think Small Campaign Made The Volkswagen Beetle A Bestseller

Think Small

Ask any marketing student about the Think Small campaign of the 60s and if you don’t get an answer their parents should ask for a refund. It simply doesn’t bare well for you not to know the best marketing campaign of the past century.

The History

They say the best of us simplify matters. Two words that was all it took to make this masterpiece. The Think Small campaign was made by Julian Koenig who was working for the Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) agency in 1959.

The Best 20th Century Marketing Campaign

Ranked by Ad Age as the best advertising campaign of the 20th Century, there is no doubt what Volkswagen gained from it. Brand lifetime loyalty and boosting sales that even made the Volkswagen the bestselling car at one point down the line. This ad changed the way advertisements are minted out.

The Market

America had become a world and consumer super power, 15 years later after the Second World War. Now the odds for the Volkswagen were stacked against it as it was a car from Nazi Germany and most preferred American muscle cars. However, even though the odds were stacked against it, the funny small looking car made its stamp. Before this automobile advertisements had been centered on giving consumers as much info as possible. However, VW changed all that as it played on people’s fancies.

The 60s

The 60s seem to have been a great time in modern history. Politically, JFK was president, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., the Cold War. Musically, the Beatles, Elvis and Motown Records were still churning hits. Sports wise George Best and Pele were getting goals. As for new frontiers man landed on the moon. This was an extraordinary time to be alive in and just the perfect time for the Beetle to change marketing forever.

Watch below as the Volkswagen Beetle make marketing magic happen:

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