Watch The Trailer Mad Max Fury Road The Car Movie of The Year

Mad Max Fury Road

This has to be not just the best car movie of 2015, but also the movie of the year. Fast 7 no doubt was a great movie, however for me and many other critics out there, there was only one choice, Mad Max. It gets favorable ratings all across the major critics with rotten tomatoes giving it 97% rating. If you love cars in all their different shapes and sizes than you’ll appreciate the movie’s breathtaking car scenes. The movies car chases are unique with unorthodox methods and contraptions on display.

The Plot

This movie is quite grungy, and is set up in a post-apocalyptic nuclear devastated world. Water and gasoline are scarce commodities, and to express the destitute nature of this bleak world, the movie starts with Max Rokatansky (Tom Hardy) eating a lizard. Later on, Max gets abducted by the War Boys. The War Boys are peculiar fellows who seem to allude to the brainwashing propaganda and delusions perpetrated by their tyrannical leader Immortan Joe. I mean if you spray paint your face with silver paint and scream you’re going to Valhalla while committing suicide you are nincompoop. Max is now a prisoner and a blood bag of the sick War Boy, Nux (Nicholas Hoult).

Imperota Furiosa (Charlize Theron) one of Joe’s lieutenants is sent to fetch firearms but detours as he has taken Joe’s five wives. Joe upon realizing his wives are missing, follows in pursuit with the War Boys. Nuz brings along Max who is his blood bag. The car chase ensues, with the fates of Nuz, Muz and Furiosa intertwined for a breathtaking story.

The Rock Influence

Some of the characters even seem to come out of a 80s rock band with complimentary black and white makeup to exacerbate the point further. Also there is someone playing the guitar while the War Boys are in pursuit, it doesn’t get more rock and roll than that.

Scroll down to watch the official trailer of this genius of a movie.

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