Watch The Flying Humvee Take Flight

flying humvee

Cars have dominated everything that is grounded, however it’s about time they took to the skies. There are some leading lights in this industry with some like Paul Moller spending over $ 100 million on his Skycar project. With the brainpower of the likes of Paul Moller and the advancements in technology we are decades if not years away from fully realizing a mass produced flying car. The flying Humvee caused ripples on the internet in May last year, with a successful test carried out.

Now it’s all well and good you have identified that you want your car to fly, but when it comes to actually doing it, you’ll find gravity presents the biggest challenge. The vertical liftoff has had many scratching their heads. There are however two approaches in play that is using modified jet engines and those that use multiple rotors like our flying Humvee. Actually our flying Humvee looks like a gigantic drone with rotors replete everywhere.

The main idea for the flying Humvee is to be used as a sort of flying ambulance. Currently, it is difficult to get to those injured, as clearance has to be given and also there has to be a landing field. Thus, the flexibility offered by the flying Humvee will enable the US Army to be able to perform complex rescue missions and casualty extractions with greater ease.

The test was carried out by Advanced Tactics in El Segundo, California. Advanced Tactics have named the Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft as the Black Knight. They were providing a concept to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) so as to secure further funding to complete the project.

The objectives of the Black Knight have been met well ahead of schedule and progress on the project has been achieved at a relatively faster rate then expected. The flying Humvee is designed to fly at a maximum of 150 mph. The aircraft can be driven by a pilot or even remotely.

Take a look at history being made below:

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