Top Gear Gets A “Friendly” New Host Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc

The rumors of the post-demise of Top Gear after the trio of Jeremy, John and Richard made their way out acrimoniously last year may have been greatly exaggerated. With former Friends star Matt LeBlanc joining the fray, this could spell good things for the show. Matt Blanc will be joining Chris Evans, as we await the next host for the show.

Well, Matt LeBlanc seems to have been included in the show as a like for like replacement for Richard Hammond. The similarities between the two are quite obvious as both are comedians. With the hours of laughter LeBlanc gave us with Friends let’s see what his going to churn out in this show.

Here is his video interview with Jeremy Clarkson after he did his top lap time in Top Gear:

The incident that left fans of the motor show in disarray was when Jeremy decided to use his fists against Oisin Tymon. Jeremy is quite a controversial figure who has even racism to his plate of past incidents. Last year on March 10 the incident happened at the Simonstone Hall Hotel. Jeremy is said to have been less than impressed with the cold dish he had been served. Also, there had been a heated battle between the two throughout the shoot which culminated in a punch. Two weeks later, Jeremy went ahead and gave a stinging rant towards the BBC at a charity event. He duly got fired and moved with his whole crew.

Our BBC’s most famous ex-employees are working up something with Amazon Prime. It will be interesting to see if the trio of Amazon or the BBC will do a better job this year 2016.

As for Matt LeBlanc, he is expected to start immediately. Most fans of Top Gear have been happy with the BBC’s latest appointee, as Matt has been hailed as “a true car guy.” He has the second fastest lap time for a “star in a reasonably priced car.”

Rumors are rife that the third and last host of the show will be a female presenter. Click Here to listen to the BBC interview with Chris Evans where Matt LeBlanc talks joining Top Gear. Also, below is a video recently posted by Top Gear on their You Tube channel featuring LeBlanc:

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