Watch The Rant That Got Jeremy Clarkson Fired From The BBC

Jeremy Clakson

Fans of Top Gear were disappointed as the epic series came to a premature end. Well, Jeremy Clarkson’s rage was the catalyst for how things ended up.

What Happened Before

According to reports Jeremy who is known for his anger management issues, threw a punch at Oisin Tymon. This was a culmination of disagreements they had had while shooting. The incident happened at the Simonstone Hall Hotel in March 10, 2015. Initial assessments say that Clarkson was less than impressed by the cold dish he was served after a tough day of filming.

The Rant

Two weeks later, Jeremy didn’t hold back as he served a cold dish himself aimed at the BBC executives. The venue for his rant was a surprise as he decided to deliver his F-Bombs at a charity event. He was there to auction his last lap at the Top Gear track. Jeremy was able to auction his last lap for over £ 100,000 which was the highest in the charity event. The Roundhouse event was hosted by DJ Edith Bowman.

Jeremy’s Reaction

Speaking later about his rant Jeremy in his Sun column said that he meant no offence by his tirade. He went further to state that he meant everything he said in jest. He had no true ill feeling towards the BBC. However, as he predicted in his rant he did get fired.

Amazon Prime

Later, after being fired Jeremy managed to persuade his friends John May and Richard Hammond to make the jump with him to Amazon Prime. Thus, the three musketeers or three stooges depending on your perspective of them, will be making their debut this year on a new show. As for Top Gear they have a new crew that they have recruited, however rumors are rife filming of the post-Jeremy era has been hit with challenges.

Watch below as Jeremy is on his worst behavior:

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