Watch As Obama Takes a Ride At The White House

Jerry Obama Corvette

Well, it’s great to have a president that has a great sense of humour. A little human touch to the most powerful seat in the world can’t be condemned. Well, no matter how you voted the last time around you won’t have any qualms with this video. Obama takes a ride around the White House and has him showing off his humorous side.

Jerry Seinfield’s exploits in comedy have been quite illustrious, his latest project is the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. On this particular episode he was able to break from the norm of getting comedians as he managed to land POTUS for the show. Obama didn’t disappoint as he took a ride the White House on a ’63 Corvette Stingray.

Unlike, other previous episodes the president isn’t given the opportunity to drive around as much due to obvious security reasons. Thus, he ends up just driving across the White House driveway. Also, they don’t end up in any kind of coffee shop as they have coffee in the white house basement.

If you are a political buff looking for a serious discussion on terrorism or Obamacare, you won’t find POTUS spewing overtly promoting his policies. The subjects discussed are of a humourous nature, with the occasional political rhetoric.

Also, apart from the Corvette Jerry gets a rare privilege as he is welcomed into the “Beast.” Inside the president’s limo he gets to sit down and continues the discussion. Thus, Jerry shows Obama his ride and Obama returns the favour by showing him his.

With as being in the final year of Obama’s presidency, we are all going to have a couple of memories of what his presidency meant to the American people and the world at large. However, most importantly for us car buffs we will remember that 63’ Stingray Corvette.

Watch the show here.

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